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Maintenance & Troubleshooting

In an effort to promote good maintenance of your apartment the following is information that you, as a tenant, should know.

Dishwasher Care

It is very important that when using your dishwasher, use pre-measured Cascade Complete ActionPacs dishwasher detergent or if you use Cascade Complete powder dishwasher detergent use only a small amount. Using too much detergents will cause excessive foam that results in dirty dishes and can damage the dishwasher. Fill the dispenser less than half full. Using a small amount will save $$$ and provide cleaner dishes. DO NOT USE DISHWASHING LIQUID.

Other things to keep in mind for clean dishes from the dishwasher:

  • Scrap food remains off plates and dishes.

  • Avoid overloading.

  • Make sure glasses, cups and pots are facing upside down.

  • Make sure nothing sticks out and blocks the rotating spray-arms or detergent dispenser.

To clean the inside of dishwasher, run a full cycle without placing any items inside using only white vinegar (just put some into the bottom of the tub) or Dishwasher Magic dish washing cleaner and disinfectant.

Mildew Preventive Maintenance

With low outside temperatures of winter, your exterior wall surfaces that lack air circulation (such as corners or behind beds, dressers, window shades, etc..) can become cold and with that, moisture may condense & mildew accumulate. To reduce the frequency of mildew please follow the recommendations below:

  • Close & lock your windows (see Close & Lock Window Instructions).

  • Run the bathroom exhaust fan when showering and leave it on five minutes after showering to remove excess moisture.

  • Keep a space between bed, dresser etc.. and exterior wall to allow air circulation. Fans will also help in air circulation.

  • Inspect concealed spaces behind beds, dressers, window shades, etc.. especially those on exterior walls. Pay special attention to the top of window’s mid-rail and sill.

  • If you find mildew, wipe down surface & clean with white distilled vinegar.

  • Prevent mildew from reoccurring by spraying vinegar on the surface without wiping down.

Close & Lock Window

To lock your window:

  • first move the lock levers to the non-locking position

  • push the upper sash up all the way (or outer sash to it’s own side all the way)

  • push the lower sash down all the way (or inner sash to it’s own side all the way)

  • finally move each lock lever to the locked position

Electric Baseboard Heater

Your apartment’s electric baseboard heaters are a safe (No flame or carbon monoxide is generated) & efficient heating source with proper use.

Do not block the air flow. Placing items too close to your electric baseboard heater interrupts it’s air flow and the baseboards ability to heat your room.

Placing items too close to the baseboard heater isn’t just a problem for air flow, it’s a POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD if those items are flammable. For this reason DO NOT cover electric baseboard with clothes or blankets.

Toilet Flushing

Please DO NOT flush paper towels, tissues, wipes, sanitary products, kittens, puppies, hopes & dreams down the toilet.

Only poo, pee & toilet paper should ever be flushed down the toilet. These are the only three things. Anything else (even if the product says flushable) will cause blockages and overflows.

Replacing Light Bulbs

In accordance with the Rules and Obligations of your Lease, when replacing light bulbs at your apartment you are required to use LED type only (incandescent are NOT acceptable). LED type will save you $ on electric costs, reduce the likelihood of electrical issues and have the least impact on the environment.

For whatever reason, if you would like help replacing a light bulb, feel free to complete a Maintenance Request and we can schedule a time to stop in.

WiFi Router Reboot (221 9th St N apartments only)

If you are having issues with the WiFi, your router may simply need to be rebooted. Your router is located on the wall in the bedroom opposite the bathroom.

To reboot your router:

  • press power button OFF (on the top right of the router)

  • wait 15-20 seconds

  • press power button ON (allow a minute or two to reconnect)

  • Important: DO NOT push the RESET button (top left).

It may seem simple, but doing this can solve many connection problems. If you continue to have issues please complete a Maintenance Request.

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