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Apply for an apartment by completing and submitting the information below. 

  • It’s FREE, it’s easy and there’s no obligation.

  • You and your roommates must each complete an application separately.

  • If you or your roommates haven’t done so already, be sure to schedule an appointment to Tour our apartments.

Apartment Information

Applying for Lease Year

Personal Information

If Student - School you are attending during lease year
Year in School During Lease Year

Landlord Information

Employer Information

Emergency Contact Information

Driver's License

Upload File

Additional Information

Electronic Signature

I warrant and represent that I am of legal age and that the above information is true & correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any lease agreement made on the basis of the above information may be terminated at any time at Parker Properties & Development LLC's option if this information is found to be false. I hereby authorize Parker Properties & Development LLC to investigate my rental & employment history as well as all other information provided on this application. I also authorize my employer, landlord and other names provided in the application to furnish any information as requested by Parker Properties & Development LLC for the purposes of processing this application. I hereby authorize Parker Properties & Development LLC to provide information to other parties on my performance as a tenant under the lease agreement.


I highly recommend renting through Parker Properties! They have been very accommodating throughout COVID with the move in process and doing virtual tours. Communication is so easy and they are very quick to respond. They keep in touch with their tenants throughout the year which is so nice! The apartments are very well kept up with nice appliances and amenities!

- Jenelle (Google)

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